Penn Warner Elevated Water Storage Tank Painting and Water Conservation

Most of these photos show an example of the Authority’s water storage tank maintenance program; specifically, the exterior painting of the Penn Warner elevated water storage tank. Another photo shows toilet tank dye tablets used to detect toilet tank flapper leaks – one of the most common causes of residential water waste and unnecessary expense. These tablets are available free-of-charge from the Authority.

The Authority maintains four water storage tanks – three elevated (high in the sky} and one standpipe on the ground. During the fall of 2019 the Authority’s water tank maintenance contractor, Southern Corrosion, Inc., focused its attention on painting the exterior of the Authority’s highest elevated tank – the Penn Warner Tank off of Tyburn Rd. The photos show:

1. Penn Warner Tank from below during painting. 6. Penn Warner Tank freshly painted from a distance.

2. Executive Director Tim Hartman checking progress of the painting project.

3. Specially formulated paint staged and ready for application with sprayer, pump and scaffolding in the foreground.

4. Toilet tank leak detection tablet packets with instructions.

5. Southern Corrosion’s Site Foreman, Scott Smith, preparing for the ascent to complete the painting of the Penn Warner Tank bowl.