TOFA History

The original Township of Falls Authority (TOFA) franchise area for water and sewer service was purchased from the Danhurst Corporation in 1961. Included in the purchase was a one million gallon-per-day water plant just west of Newbold Road which treated the water supplied by three nearby wells. As the demand for service grew, however, TOFA required supplemental water sources. In time, additional water was sourced from interconnects with neighboring water systems, which eventually became primary sources when the water plant and wells were shut down in 1979 due to their growing inefficiencies.

Sewer service was also handled by a small treatment facility originally constructed by the Danhurst Corporation in the early 1950s. And like the water system, the sewer system wasn’t always capable of taking on new development. This led to the sewer service being divided among several service providers based upon service agreements, drainage basins and chartered service areas. Unfortunately, this resulted in an incongruity between the water and sewer service areas within the Township, where it was possible to have a different provider for each service. After 1989, however, all the sewerage being collected by TOFA ended up being conveyed to other entities for final treatment.

As for the Authority, in December of 1995 it was dissolved and the ownership of and responsibility for the two systems fell to Falls Township. That scenario remained in place through December of 2006 at which time the Township of Falls Authority was reborn with the sole purpose of better serving the needs of the water and/or sewer customer.

TOFA board members

James Goodwin


Brian Binney


William Beier


John Haney


Paul Hartzell

Assistant Secretary/ Treasurer

TOFA Staff

Peter Kim

Executive Director

John Ryba

Operations Manager

Megan Parmer

Business Manager

Tammy McAnulty

Assistant Business Manager

Rachel J.

Program Manager

John P.


Chris D.

Operator IV

Ed W.

Operator IV

William H.

Operator IV



Bill C.

Operator III

Chet D.

Operator III

Samy A.

Operator III

Charlie M.

Operator III

Professional Consultants

Remington & Vernick Engineers


Flager & Associates PC


Bidlingmaier & Bidlingmaier

Labor Counsel

Curtin & Heefner LLP

Bond Counsel

Brinker Simpson & Company


Concord Public Finance

Financial Advisor